Flowers For A Marquee Wedding – My Top Tips

I do love a marquee wedding, and this beautiful long hot summer we’ve been having has been perfect for a series of stunning outdoor celebrations. Marquees are wonderful as they really allow you to design every element of your event to your own specifications. You can make your own temporary little world in a garden, park or field, and deck it out however you choose.

There is however a misconception that having a marquee wedding is somehow the easier or cheaper option. Done well, they can be truly spectacular, but in order to pull off a successful marquee wedding you’re going to need time, a team of expert suppliers, and a pretty serious budget to work with.

When it comes to flowering a marquee, there are some unique considerations to take into account. If you’re thinking about holding your own gorgeous marquee celebration, here are my top tips to help you approach your flowers.

The Greenhouse Effect

One of the biggest potential issues with a marquee versus a bricks and mortar venue is the heat. If you’re blessed with great weather, things can quickly get very hot indeed inside a marquee, and the last thing you want is a sea of wilted or crispy flowers to greet you on your grand entrance! Ask your florist about varieties that will thrive in hot weather, and those that aren’t particularly thirsty blooms. Be prepared to adjust your expectations, and accept that not all flower types are suitable for marquee set ups.